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6 sorts of
draft beer!

Bierheuriger Housebeer

Bierheuriger opened its door in 1996. This unique beer is a tribute to our opening year. It has a mild taste and we serve it in a cooled stone-mug!
Alc: 5,1 % Vol. OE: 11,8°P

Erdinger Urweisse

The soft initial taste is accompanied by malted wheat and caramel flavors mixed with hints of clove, banana and yeast. This is followed by a lingering finish of sun-ripened aroma hops from the Hallertau valley.
Alc: 4,9 % Vol: OE: 11,9°P


Starobrno is a preium beer for lovers of the czech art of brewing. This beer has fine caramel tones and a gentle malt-note in the finish.
Alc: 5,0 % Vol, OE: 11,5°P


So called "Märzenbier" is known for its characteristic goldish-yellow colour. The taste can be described as harmonic, balanced malty and mild.
Alc: 5,2 % Vol, OE: 11,7°P

Kaltenhauser Bernstein

This amber-coloured beer has a special, character-strong taste. It is brewed after a traditional recipe and convinces through its intensive malt-flower and its mild caramel-note.
Alc: 4,2 % Vol, OE: 11,5°P

Gösser Zwickl

This beer is especially fruity, mild and unfiltered, due to warm fermentation management. A goldish-yellow beer-speciality with a particular smooth taste.
Alc: 5,2 % Vol, OE: 11,8°P

Craft Bier - Pinzga Pale ale

This beer is the flavourful counterpart to a "Pils" beer. It is bitter with a fruity hop-aroma.
Alc: 4,8 % Vol. OE: 12,8°P

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